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How to choose the suitable shredder machine

In the development of the overall environmental trend, the state encourages the environmental protection industry in relevant policies and funds, and the waste treatment equipment, mainly solid waste crushing and shredding machine, is warmly welcomed by the market. Recently, more and more customers consult how much a solid waste shredder, how to choose the appropriate shredder equipment and other issues. Bairuide, as a well-known large garbage crusher manufacturer in gongyi, henan province, take you to know a few factors you need to know about the purchase of shredder. Knowing these manufacturers will recommend you a more appropriate shredder equipment can also quickly quote for your reference!

I. materials to be broken:

Include size, ingredients, etc.?

Garbage inside the composition is very complex, the size of the scale is not the same, many times the customer is said to be broken waste waste, ask him what specific materials inside often very impatient. Intensity is not the same as garbage shredding machine broken strength is different, so to recommend the right according to size of material strength, if the broken material can be easily broken material, will recommend power smaller, if there is more difficult to broken items, you need to recommend some big power, otherwise, the buy back but could not solve the problem, customers worry, factory will be more troublesome in after-sales.

Ii. Output requirements:?

The production demand of customers is also very important. For example, the type of waste shredder used to process 1T or 2T of waste per hour is different.

Iii. Crushing and discharging size:

Take jep environmental protection as an example, the shredded material of the waste shredder is strip, and the width of the broken material is determined according to the width of the blade. So clearly you want to break into what shape, size will be satisfied with the ideal effect you want to achieve.