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Mobility and environmental protection of mobile crusher

There are two main reasons for mobile crushers to win the preference of users, as follows:


As we all know, before the emergence of mobile crusher, mine crushing is the use of traditional fixed crushing station, moving is relatively fixed, which is a major innovation in mining machinery, for users to bring a lot of convenience.

The use of fixed crushing station should first design the production process flow, and then according to the process flow to build infrastructure, that is, the crusher is installed on a fixed base, each crusher through a reasonable connection, the formation of a complete fixed crushing station, this process is very slow, and it takes a lot of money.

The mobile crusher is equipped with a mobile frame, there are two kinds of driving mode, wheel type driving mode, as long as the front of the locomotive can be driven to the crushing site, caterpillar type driving mode, high degree of automation, remote control operation, both can be turned in situ, but also climbing uphill. Mobile stone crushing station into its own, it is a production line, that is to say, a movable crushing station.

Environmental protection

In recent years, many enterprises have been shut down and rectified due to substandard environmental protection. This has affected many industries, including the sand and stone industry. For this reason, the sand and stone industry has to resort to environmentally friendly mining crushing machines.

Fixed crushing station due to the inconvenience of moving, many raw materials have to be transported from very far to the crushing site, this process produces the secondary pollution of raw materials, and the stone mobile crushing station can directly go deep into the field of crushing, so as to avoid the secondary pollution of raw materials, and its structure is compact, covers less area; Secondly, its main crusher USES a new environmental protection machine, less dust production, and noise has been a certain degree of control; In addition, the whole crushing process can seal crushing, inhibit the overflow of dust; In addition, according to the degree of environmental protection requirements of users, crushing site can be configured with dust and noise reduction equipment.

Based on the above, mobile crusher to win the preference of users, if you are also interested in it, can be free to consult Barry.