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There are still some problems in the recycling industry

At present, the foundation of renewable resource recycling industry is still relatively weak, and there are still some problems. Here bairuide environmental technology co., ltd. mainly listed three aspects of the problem.

First, the social attention is not enough. The society generally believes that the renewable resources industry is a traditional rag-bag industry, which has not been regarded as a public welfare, basic and strategic industry. For example, if the community set up recycling outlets, the resistance is still relatively large, people can not do without it, some waste needs these recycling outlets to recycle, at the same time who is not willing to put these outlets in their own doorstep. At the same time, the current supporting planning support is not enough, the relevant technical standards and industry norms have not fully formed a system. This is a relatively prominent problem.

Second, part of the varieties and part of the regional recovery or relatively lagging. At present, the recovery rate of scrap iron and steel and non-ferrous metal is relatively high, because its value is relatively large. In the first two years when the situation is good, scrap iron and steel can be sold at 3,000 yuan per ton, and copper scrap is about 10,000 yuan per ton. However, such as waste glass, waste energy-saving lamps and so on, these because of the relatively low value, in addition, waste energy-saving lamps recycling process, there are problems such as pollution, so the recycling situation is not particularly ideal. In addition, from a regional perspective, compared with the urban recycling system, the coverage rate of recycling stations is still relatively low in the vast rural areas, rural areas, urban-rural areas, and some county-level cities, which need to be further improved.

Third, the standardization of disassembly is still not very high. In addition to the advanced recycling technology and equipment of a few enterprises and the sound environmental protection facilities, most of the enterprises and self-employed equipment is relatively simple, backward technology, and lack of standardized operating procedures and operating norms. The lack of technical training for operators causes a big problem, one is environmental pollution, and the other is that for these operators, they are also faced with damage caused by pollution.