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Product introduction:

Bulk garbage is mainly the waste with a volume of more than 0.2m3, a length of more than 1 meter, and a weight of more than 5kg, which has a strong integrity. Sofa, mattress, discarded furniture, tables and chairs, and sundry cabinets can be included in the category of bulk garbage.

The main components of bulk waste are wood, sponge, metal and fabric, which have high recycling value.

Large pieces of garbage crushing and sorting system is designed for large pieces of garbage, mainly for sofa, mattress, furniture, wardrobe and other broken, sorting, volume reduction. After processing, the bulk waste can give full play to its value.

Features of the production line:

The solution of crushing and sorting system for large pieces of garbage: conveyor + crusher + iron remover + dust removal equipment. To solve the transportation problem, the material can be recycled after crushing.

Carry heavy junk to crusher, conveyor or loader to break big rubbish into smaller specifications, in addition to the iron to iron wire, iron and other metals, other materials by belt conveyer conveying bunching or directly into garbage QingYunChe, a complete set of production line equipped with professional dust system, realized the garbage rapid transit, effective reduction processing capacity, the reasonable classification.

Advantages of production line:

1. The crusher adopts split cutter box, high-strength spindle, imported cutter, imported bearing, well-known brand motor and reducer, and exquisite and compact appearance design, which ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment.

2. The feeding bin of the crusher is designed to be raised or semi-closed to prevent splashing of materials in the crushing process and ensure safe operation.

3 PLC automatic control, intelligent detection, intelligent protection, equipment fault can be predicted in advance, automatic alarm, effectively reduce the failure rate, improve the continuity of production, reduce maintenance costs.

4. Equipped with professional dust remover with high dust removal efficiency and low energy consumption; The conveying equipment is designed with full seal to avoid secondary pollution. Low speed, high torque and low noise


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