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Product introduction:

Paper mill rubbish calls stranded rope again, braid makings, it has two kinds of norms, fine norms diameter < 150mm, thick norms diameter is in 300-600mm differ. Paper mill waste contains a lot of iron wires, most of which are entangled with plastic, causing great difficulties in direct separation and recycling. Therefore, it is necessary to break the plastic and iron wires before recycling them separately, and then separate and recycle them. Metal, plastic and pulp are separated through the waste crushing and sorting system in the paper mill. Metal smelting can be reused. Realized the resources regeneration, created the value, simultaneously protected the environment.

Features of the production line:

Paper mill waste crushing and sorting system includes: primary crusher, secondary crusher (optional), iron remover (iron remover), discharging conveyor, etc.

Jinlong hengji provides a complete set of paper mill waste crushing and sorting solutions. It can break the waste of paper mill to less than 40mm, and can directly separate the wire metal, without winding or blocking the material, and automatically reverse when encountering hard objects. High crushing yield.

Advantages of production line:

1, two-stage crushing, so that the material crushing more uniform, in the washing system, plastic cleaning more clean, higher utilization rate.

2. Low-speed shear crushing, forming a low-noise and low-dust working environment.

3, self-discharging iron remover, achieve automatic iron removal, reduce the loss of equipment.

4, imported cutting tools, broken metal is not broken, easy to face the paper mill waste in the complex conditions.

Bearing quadruple seal, even if the paper mill waste water content is high, can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

Jinlong hengji provides a complete set of garbage disposal solutions for paper mill. Crushing, iron removal, cleaning, sorting, drying, packaging or granulation, one - stop processing paper mill rope and light slag. With the accumulation of more and more mature cases in the Chinese market, in the field of paper mill waste treatment, jinlong hengji also began to play a greater role.


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