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scrap steel hammer shredder machine

scrap steel hammer shredder machine

Product introduction: Scrap crusher is a kind of crushing equipment used to deal with scrap steel. High density, high purity and basically no impurities of the crushed materials obtained by scrap crusher. When steel mills and other manufacturing enterprises resmelt the crushed materials into new products, the unit energy consumption is low, the output is high and the comprehensive economy is obvious. Scrap breaker is recognized as the ideal equipment for scrap disposal.

Applications: Light weight material, car rack, car shell, home appliance shell, shearing material, rack tube, etc

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Process flow:

The whole scrap crusher production line is composed of feed conveyor -- main machine -- vibration feeder -- discharge conveyor -- magnetic separator -- iron conveyor -- impurity conveyor -- dust remover -- PLC control cabinet. The crushed materials from the scrap crusher are separated from the iron and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials by a vibrating feeder, a belt conveyor and a magnetic separation system, and are sent to the pile by their respective conveyors. Nonferrous and nonmetallic materials will be searched by magnetic separation equipment again on the conveyor to pick out free iron and metal materials, so as to improve the recovery rate of iron and metal materials, and at the same time through the eddy current separator sorting nonferrous metals, can improve the recovery efficiency. The whole broken line is controlled by PLC, which can realize microcomputer control and manual operation.


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Supporting equipment:

The main equipment of scrap crushing line includes: chain plate feeding conveyor, scrap crusher host machine, hydraulic feeding device, vibrating feeder, belt type discharging conveyor, suction type magnetic separator, discharging conveyor, iron remover, rotary conveyor, etc.

Supporting systems include: electrical control system, dust removal system, sprinkler system, hydraulic system, television monitoring system and the above equipment, systems required between the wire, hydraulic and sprinkler pipeline.

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Product features:

1. Ultra-high crushing efficiency

Using hydraulic feed, swing hammer and ring hammer combined crushing hammer head, the efficiency of other crusher equipment increased by 5%-15%.

2. Perfect finished particles

Adopt special roller rolling process, remove paint and other dirt, form high density pellet material, improve the grade of broken material.

3. Stable operation capability

Set the safety door. After the non-breakable material enters the crushing chamber, the operator can open the safety door and discharge it out of the machine to avoid damage to the crusher.

4. Intelligent control system

PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production time and labor saving, to achieve a full set of production lines stable, automatic, safe operation.


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