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Shearing machine

Shearing machine

shear machine is a kind of applicable to heavy scrap steel shear processing equipment, used for thin steel, steel bar, steel plate, nickel plate, steel, round steel, steel pipe, copper scrap, scrap steel, scrap metal, light metal structure, stainless steel, metal press block, auto body, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, steel, metal press block all kinds of scrap metal, such as cold cut, processed into qualified burden. The gantry shears are widely used, which can be used not only as the processing equipment of metal recovery processing units, but also as the charging processing equipment of foundry workshops and metal shearing equipment of mechanical construction industry.

Applications: Scrap recovery processing, non - ferrous metal smelting, casting

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  1. The gantry shears adopt hydraulic transmission, compared with mechanical transmission shears, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, convenient operation, flexible, large shearing section, convenient adjustment of scissors, safe operation and easy to realize overload protection.

2. The gantry shearing machine has manual, automatic and remote control functions, convenient and simple operation and control. The scissors mouth can start and stop shearing at any position in the working process, and the size of the shearing mouth can be controlled arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be sheared, so as to achieve economic work benefits.

3. The gantry shears are designed for fast speed. Under the condition of no increase in motor power and oil pump displacement, the speed remains fast under the condition of (about 400-1600 tons) shearing. The original shear force was restored and the working efficiency was nearly doubled.

4.. Gantry shears with fast device. Under the condition of not increasing the motor power and the oil pump displacement, a fast circuit is designed, which increases the shearing speed from the original 8 times per minute to 12 times per minute (refers to The Times of scissors opening), and nearly doubles the working efficiency. This function for the national peer in the original.



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